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Pressing and submitting to CGC, as well as collection appraisals are available.

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Any book purchased from this site can be pressed at the discounted rate of $10 per.


Wanted to shout out Mr. Tony Davino . This is by far not my first package from him and most definitely not my last. I have nothing but good experiences with Tony. From bidding and paying to communicating and shipping. I have been selling in this group for a while now and if anybody sees me as a good seller it's because I try to emulate Tony. If you don't know him I highly suggest you check out his daily auctions. Thanks buddy. I appreciate you

Sept 9, 2019

I really wanted to thank you for your help in understanding the auction process and for all the great books I've gotten so far. I couldn't be happier and if you want a positive review or something I'll definitely do it

Jul 4 2019

Another great stack from Tony Davino! Have purchased roughly two long boxes worth of books over the last six months. Everything is always as advertised. Good communication. Fort Knox security on his shipping. Highly recommended!

Nov. 9, 2018

Mail Call!! Tony Davino bomb proof packaging will always keep your quality comics safe and ready to be placed in your collection!!! Buy with 100% confidence from Tony!!!

Jan 25, 2019